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Are you worried about your child not listening/obeying/eating/mannered/speaking/mixing ? etc etc ... stop worrying. I have a wonderful solution for you all.

Sleep talk/whisper: Sleep talk is a therapy which helps children of young age to allow their subconscious mind do things and follow instructions which they wouldn't otherwise.

Method: when your child is about to go to bed at night (alpha stage of sleep)about to just sleep, mom's must sleep next to their child and whisper 5 positive sentences in their ears in sequence. These 5 sentences could be anything that you want to make him/her do during day time everyday. Remember the word POSITIVE. Also remember the sentences that you have selected must be in sequence every night for 21 nights & can be of varied variety.
Your statement must NOT say that "my child _______(name) does not eat chapati at all" Instead " my child _____ has started eating 1 full chapati everyday"
This sleep talk must be done in sequence for 21 days without missing a single day. 21 days because anything done for 21days at a stretch becomes a habit for the brain.
Try it out. It really works.

Recipe: 5 positive sentences + 21 days + in ears gently + faith + love .
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