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boiling milk, smear ghee on the edges of the vessel to
prevent overflow.


making dosas, put two tbsps of cooked
rice into the batter. The dosa will flip over easily and will be

If you want to keep any

salad fresh for an
evening party, first chill the bowl or tray in which you intend to
serve the salad.

Store mushrooms in paper bags rather plastic
bags or trays. This stops them from becoming ‘slimy’ and prolongs
their life.


boiling corn on the cob, add a pinch of
sugar to help bring out the natural sweetness.


cooking cabbage, add a bay leaf. This
will reduce the smell during cooking and also give a subtle flavor.


cooking mince, put a whole carrot in with
the mince. The carrot will absorb the excess fat in the meat. Remove
the carrot when cooked and cut up with other vegetables for soup or
simply discard.

To peel an orange or a tomato less messily,
dunk it in hot water for a minute or two and then in cold water for
the same amount of time. You will have an

easy to peel orange or

Place rolled ‘puris’ in the fridge for 10
minutes before frying them. They will

consume less oil and turn out


boil a cracked egg, add some vinegar to the
water and place the egg in it. The egg shell will remain inside.

To remove

seeds from lemon, just roll it on
hard surface applying a little pressure from your palm. Now cut it,
you will find all seeds coming out easily.

When you prepare butter at home, you get
buttermilk as a by-product. Boil this buttermilk at medium heat, and
you will get

paneer at no extra cost.

Sprinkle some salt in a frying pan to

oil from splashing.

Do not add salt to ‘rajma’ and ‘urad dal’ while
boiling. It will take half the time to boil when salt is subtracted.


steaming fish, place a piece of
cheesecloth at the bottom of the pan. The fish can be lifted out
without breaking.

Add a little sugar while

frying onions; they
will turn pink or brown faster.

To make your

omelettes more spongy and soft,
add two - three spoons of milk to the egg batter and mix properly.


oil used for frying turns dark, add a
teaspoon of white vinegar, cover with a lid and keep on slow flame.
When the spluttering stops, remove the lid; the oil will have
cleared and it can be strained and re-used.

Soak two slices of bread in a cup of
coconut-water and with half a tablespoon of sugar. Then blend and
use the mix in your ‘idli’ or hoppers batter to ferment it.
If you sauté sliced onions without oil, the
moisture content in the onions will be reduced faster. You can then
add a little oil to sauté the onions. This way, you tend to

use less
oil and your sautéing is faster.

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