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Korean girls are very meticulous about their skin care and many of them follow a very strict, ten-step regime every single day. The result is that the ladies of Korea are renowned for their beautiful, clear, dewy complexions. You may not want to go as far as a strict ten-step regime, but there is a certainly a lot we can learn from the Korean beauty techniques. So, here are ten of the best Korean beauty tips that will help you achieve healthy looking and glowing skin.

1. Slap your face!

You might think that this sounds like strange advice, but it’s really popular in Korea. Slapping your face after you have finished the rest of your skin care regime increases the blood circulation and it keeps the muscles firm. It has the same effect that a face massage does, which is another regular skin care technique that Korean women regularly use.

2. Drink ginseng tea

Ginseng has been an important ingredient in Korean beauty treatments for some time. It is used topically in many different skin care products in Korea and Ginseng is also used in cooking and it is drunk in tea. Ginseng is said to be very good at fighting the signs ageing, because it contains loads of antioxidants, and it is also very good for flushing toxins out of the body.

3. Double cleanse

Leaving makeup on overnight would be unthinkable in Korea because Korean girls are so meticulous about how they cleanse their skin. They use a double cleansing method, every single night. Firstly, they remove all their makeup using liquid cleanser and they use a natural oil to remove dirt and bacteria. Then, they move on to stage two, which is to rinse the face with warm water and then apply a foaming cleanser, which they rub on in a circular motion with their fingertips.

4. Exfoliating

Exfoliating is another important part of Korean girls regular beauty routine. When you exfoliate the skin, it removes the dead skin cells and lets the younger, cleaner looking cells show through. It’s not something that we would suggest that you do every day, though, because it will leave you with red skin. Twice a week is usually enough for most people, but if you have sensitive skin, you might want to cut that down to once a week.

5. Toner

Toner has become quite a common feature in western skin care regimes and it is designed to be used after you have cleansed your skin. In Korea, toner is used as the preparation for the remaining steps of the skin care regime. A toner gives the skin an initial boost of hydration that makes it easier for other products to be absorbed. It’s never, however, used as a cleanser, which is the way that some people in the west tend to use a toner.

6. Essence

After applying toner, the next stage in many Korean girls skin care routine will be to apply essence. The difference between essence and serum is confusing to say the least, but in Korea, essence is generally a lot lighter than serum. Just to make things even more confusing, there are even pre-essence and post-essence products in Korea as well! Essence is a concentrated lotion designed to fight lines, wrinkles and blemishes and to add another layer of hydration to the skin.

7. Serum

Serum is usually applied after essence and it is a thicker hydrating lotion that contains active ingredients designed to fight the signs of ageing and to lighten spots and blemishes. Serums are lighter than traditional moisturiser and much more concentrated. They are said to make the skin firmer and the pores smaller.

8. Ampoules
Finally, while we are in the process of confusing you completely with all the lotions that Korean girls use, we should also mention ampoules. Ampoules are a highly concentrated version of a serum and they are used only as a booster skin care treatment when the skin is need of a bit of emergency treatment. It’s not something that is used daily and it so concentrated that it usually comes with a dropper for the dispensing of the lotion.

9. Rice water

As you can see, the Koreans certainly do love their lotions, but they also like to keep things natural when they can as well, and that’s why many Korean girls use simple rice water for their skin toner. Rice water is simply the milky water that you get when you soak rice in water for ten minutes, but it is said to be a very effective lotion for slowing the signs of ageing and for moisturising the skin.

10. The ten second rule

Finally, one rule that a Korean women will never break is the ten second rule. Whenever they take a shower or cleanse their face, they will always apply toner within ten seconds of finishing. The faster you get the toner applied, the more moisture you lock into your skin and, if you leave it for too long, your skin will start to dehydrate. They then follow up with all the other steps in their skin care routine.

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